Diff Between VE & Conventional Medicine




The old belief that people are part of an energy force field that can be manipulated for greater health & well-being is re-emerging with a vengeance. It is now becoming an acceptable concept in the medical world that almost everything we touch and see around us has a living pulse inside of it. 
Conventional medicine views the body as a great clockwork machine of biological gears and parts, and when illness hits believes the body should be treated with drugs and surgery to “fix” it. A modern view taking the medical world by storm, known as Vibrational & Energy Medicine (VEM) views the body as a dynamic energy system and is dedicated to “healing” the body when illness hits by rebalancing the body’s energy flow body, mind and spirit. 
Major Differences Between Conventional Medicine & Vibrational & Energy   Medicine


Based on Newton Physics
Based on Einstein & Quantum Physics
Body is biomachine
Body is dynamic energy system
Brain is biocomputer w/consciousness as by-product of the brain’s elec activity
Mind & spirit are true source of consciousness (actual oper of brain)
Emotions influence illness through neurohormones connections between brain & body
Emotions & spirit can influence illness via energetic & neurohormonal connections among body, mind & spirit.
Treatments of drugs & surgery “fix” abnormal biomechanisms in body
Treatments with different forms of frequencies of energy to rebalance body/mind/spirit complex.
VEM is part old and part new. It is a combination of the best of ancient healing combined with the latest discoveries in science to produce an entirely new approach to diagnosis & treating illness. VEM is based upon modern scientific insights into the energetic nature of the atoms and molecules making up our bodies, combined with ancient mystical observations of the body’s unique life-energy systems that are critical but less well understood aspects of human functioning.  
Vibrational & Energy medicine views the body as a complex, integrated life-energy system that provides a vehicle for human consciousness as well as a temporary housing for the creative expression of the human soul. 
VEM’s view of a multidimensional energy system is more easily understood by looking at all the different forms of energy our body uses in nutrition, processing & maintenance. 
  • Metabolic - energy from foods we eat (proteins, sugars, & fats) are broken down & absorbed through stomach & converted to energy for cells (fuel).
  • Electrical pulses - that allow communication between body parts – (telling our hand something is hot. The nerve endings act like a wiring system. 
  • Light – cells emit extremely weak bursts of ultraviolet light. This is how cells decide to divide.  
The VEM view adds another form of energy that is also important to a human’s health—Spiritual. In the world of VEM, illness is caused not only by germs, chemical toxins, and physical trauma but also by chronic dysfunctional emotional-energy patterns and unhealthy ways of relating to ourselves and to other people. Rather than relying on drugs & scalpels to treat illness, the VME’s approach to healing uses the use of different forms of energy, both electromagnetic and subtle life energy, to bring about healing changes in the body, mind and spirit of the sick individual.  
  • Spiritual Energy – contributes to our emotional & spiritual feedback system. Energy makes its way through the human body via various pathways & forms. One of these forms, subtle life energy (Prana) flows through the body via the Chakras (energy centers) of the human body. This is where Reiki comes in to play.  
Energy flow in a healthy body is smooth and balanced.  The journey of life supplies us with plenty of daily stressors & events that are stored by our chakra system. Overtime, and depending on personality, the result can be a rough & unbalanced energy flow. This can ultimately lead to “dis-ease” (sickness) in the body. Reiki helps to move these blockages, promoting a healthy energy flow, naturally.        
Reiki is one of several forms of VEM. Others include; homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, flower essences, color & light therapy, magnet healing & sound therapy (Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Fork Therapy).